From Oral to Auras

“My day was stressful- we had to move our entire office across campus,” Jennifer sighed. Amy paused before replying, “That’s so funny, my day was horrible!”

Jennifer and Amy were two  students in Dr. Judy’s course at Columbia’s Teacher’s College who graciously agreed to perform a skit on intimacy-promoting conversation. Bringing Jennifer’s bad day back to herself, Amy was not taking steps toward closeness. Instead, she built an Ego Wall.

These types of student-to-student interactions popped up throughout the four hours on Tuesday. Dr. Judy touched on topics  including cross-cultural communcation. In one of her finer moments, Dr J made the distinction between the way Asian and Western cultures talk about intimacy. “How do you get harmony in your relationship?” ask the Chinese, to which the Americans counter, “But how do you spice up your sex life?”

“Is anyone interested in altered states of conciousness? Well I am interested in altered states of conciousness. I’m in an altered state of conciousness right now!” Dr. Judy injected humor to the classroom whenever possible.

That’s when things started to get weird.

At around hour three of the course, I was reclined in my chair, relaxedly watching Dr Judy lecture. As my eyes wandered between her and the students, my breath suddenly caught in my throat. A shimmering wave had appeared around Dr. Judy’s head, and was following her. It was a similar effect of heat above a grill on a summer day, and as I continued to watch, I saw the same effect around the heads of the students, though much smaller. Little flames of this “stuff” periodically lept from the Doctor’s head.

I nervously relayed my experience to DJ after the class, and she was very excited. I still don’t know what to think about it- is it possible that Im tapping into my ability to see auras? How new-age.

xo Juliane


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