Human Intimacy Class Comes to a Close

For the past 6 weeks, Juliane and I have been Teacher Assistants in Dr. Judy’s course on the Psychology of Human Intimacy at Columbia Teacher’s College.  The class of 38 consisted of students from around the world including: Italy, Ukraine, China, India, Greece, Iceland and of course the United States.

Dr. Judy covered so many topics in intimacy. We discussed recent political scandals, behavior cues, mindfulness, developmental theories, dimensions of attractions, media representations of sexuality, the brain and sex, polygamous relationships, sex changes, fantasies, Teens and Sex Ed, theories of love, stereotypes about the sexes, empowerment, fillicides, paraphilia, STIs, same sex relationships, fetishes, AND SO ON AND SO FORTH (so many topics were discussed but they cannot all be listed). So many things were discussed.Dr. Judy did a great job of making the class interact with one another through music, talking, acting out events, and jokes.

The class met once a week for six weeks. Each class was 4 hours long but the time flew by each time as we all got sucked into the interesting topics and videos show in class. In the beginning of the course, Juliane and I split the class so that we each were in charge of half the class. Each student was responsible for doing their own final project. Juliane and I have been helping each student fleshing out and/or supporting their final project ideas. The last class was last night and some of the students presented their final projects. One student wrote a song and recorded it for You Tube. Another two students worked together in analyzing middle school scx questions. Another two students each did class surveys, one on Purpose In Life and the other on Personality Styles. One of my students did a project on Fairy Tales and wrote a curriculum for elementary student teachers and how fairty tales impose negative sterotypes about female and male gender roles. Another student translated the song “Towers of Light”, which was written to help heal after 9/11 into Italian.

Below, is our class from last night. One of student’s final projects was to choreograph and write up about a native Bolivian dance. The dancers performed for the whole class and it was the finale for the night.

The last night of Human Intimacy Class

The last night of Human Intimacy Class

Everyone did a fantastic job!



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