Sir Ivan hosts Castlestock 2009


Sir Ivan's peace flag, hung on the side of the Castle.

On Saturday, Aug. 22, Ivan L. Wilzig, or Sir Ivan, hosted the most recent of a string of legendary parties in the Hamptons. The event was part charity benefit, part single release party held at his Water Mill castle. Guests, attired in hippie costumes of ranging authenticity, relaxed on sheets on the lawn and on cushioned lounges alongside giant stuffed rabbits (all wearing hippie beads!)

Music alternated between modern dance tunes and 60s classic rock. The overall mood was mellow, although the night was punctuated by a short but intense performance of “Kumbaya” by Sir Ivan himself.

Teri Whitcraft, Dr Judy and Juliane

Teri Whitcraft, Dr Judy and Juliane

We had a great time. Dr Judy sported an incredible pair of authentic flower child jeans, complete with painted words and hearts. Dr Judy’s best friend from ABC – TV had a great elegant hippie outfit, embellished with flowers and colored hair extensions. I had on my mother’s green flower dress, plus a real necklace Dr Judy got from Nepal that she gave me and I made into a necklace.

Guests bussed in from the city boarded the shuttles by 1 am to leave, but as we looked back on the strobe lights, huge daisies and sequined dancing models, it seemed pretty clear that the party was nowhere near over. From the sounds of it, Sir Ivan just may have outdone himself with this legendary party.


Terri Whitcraft, Dr Judy and Juliane in front of the outdoor pool.


Dr Judy, Bunny, and Juliane - matching headbands!


Dancers in the pool just outside of the castle.


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